Fine Art Photography

Art is one of the most fluid expansive and  fields where rules don’t apply or are bent, melted, sculpted and framed to create something entirely new while photography is seemingly structured and can fall into specific groups. However, these two fields of expression have come together to create fine art photography which brings a new meaning to the union of art and science. Rather than commissioning work from, for example a wedding photographer or portrait photogrpaher. Buying art and photography requires some guidelines in order to find a piece that you can enjoy and that could even become an investment.

Typically, there are two reasons for buying art: either for love or investment. You may be buying it as a gift which technically does still translate to love just for the person instead of the piece. If you are buying a piece because you love it then you might want to consider where you will place it, whether it will be a focal point of a room or just to pull it all together as well as how it will work with the rest of the room or how you are going to work the rest of the room around the piece. Buying art and photography gives you a wide range of choices as you go with your heart.

Buying art and photography for investment means that you have to do your homework thoroughly or get professional help to know the best buy. The main market for works from artists with superstar status is gallery exhibitions and gallery spaces. Get to know artists directly by visiting opening nights at galleries and exhibitions. Buy early in the career of an artist by looking for those just starting to get exhibition space in public spaces. Get connections with curators and gallery owners to get first hand information on new artists and deals. You can buy pieces from galleries, art dealers, art fairs, during university graduate shows or online.

Before you decide on a piece when buying art and photography, write down your first impressions and emotions regarding pieces and include venues, artist names, venues, prices and other relevant information. This will come in handy if you are not able to purchase the piece right away. If you encounter a black cat on your way home and find the piece was sold the next day you can use the information to try and track it down. You should also check the authenticity of the fine art photography piece by dealing with a dealer or the artist and looking for a signature if one. The condition of the piece should also be taken into consideration. Do your due diligence on both the artist, gallery and art piece.

After buying art and photography, ensure that you maintain the pieces by keeping them away from sunlight, extreme temperatures and humidity. Store them properly in the right frames and get any damages professionally repaired. Also get a photograph or art piece dated as vintage, period, modern and estate photographs need different levels of care. There are different applications of photography and if you are a collector or just a lover, the application will be a deciding factor when buying art and photography. Getting a piece you can fall in love with can take one try or a couple of swings but the more places you visit the more likely you are to find it.

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How to be a Successful Fine Art Photographer

Fine Art Photography is a discipline that is far different from other types of photography. The main purpose of the photographers advocating this discipline is to express themselves artistically, rather than to meet the demands of a certain client. While commercial photographers often work under contract, a fine art photographer continues to take images without specifically working for anyone.


The only requirement of the fine art photographers is to fulfill their vision and to satisfy themselves in the process. Their greatest challenge, however, is to persuade clients to purchase their work of art for purely aesthetic purpose.


Becoming a Successful Fine Art Photographer


The level of your motivation or the quality of your artwork is not the sole factor related to the success of your fine art photography. The biggest factor towards your success is to be able to master how to market your artwork, alongside with the techniques that you can implement.


Marketing is about putting a commensurate price tag to your work of art. Often, it would mean simply waiting for some art enthusiast to be attracted to work your and agree to the price tag you have placed, even without direct interaction. As a fine art photographer, you need to have the right connection with galleries, art enthusiasts, and independent stores to help you market your work.


Important Rules in Fine Art Photography


  •  Aim for quality rather than quantity – You must bear in mind that art is not a commodity but a luxury. As a luxury item, fine art photography is not sold based on quantity, but rather on quality.


  • Sell the uniqueness, not the price – You must aim to make your images stand out from the rest by developing a unique personal style.
  • Give a face to your artwork – Do not be anonymous. Your artwork must not remain faceless therefore; you should be present during art shows or show an image of yourself on your website. People would recognize the distinct personality of your artwork if they see your presence.


  • Evaluate your price regularly – You must be able to get the corresponding amount for your artwork, commensurate of the skill and efforts you place into the photograph. You must be able to command a price that would cover your expenses and leave some profit.


  • Be proactive – Take charge of your fine art photography business. As an artist, you can enforce your policies and must not try to give in to all the demands of all people.


  • Determine your audience – Remember that you are selling to some random and unknown crowd, but to people who love your work. Therefore, you need to know their interest and determine why they like your artwork.


  • Try to sell emotions – Almost invariably, people purchase your fine art photograph not because of logical reasons, but because of the emotions captured in the image. Aim to create a personal vision and emotional impact in order to give deeper meaning to your art.


A certain confusion exists as to the difference between commercial and fine art photography, especially with regard to the relative purposes of these two types of discipline. If you aim to be a successful fine art photographer, you need to understand the difference because commercial and fine art photography are not promoted in the same way. Although there are unavoidable similarities, the marketing approaches for commercial photography and fine art photography are completely different.


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Choosing the Best Frames for Your Art and Photography

A photo frame is an ideal way of emphasizing the beauty of any photograph or painting. Today companies are providing new and advanced quality picture frames for example the digital frames. This is why choosing the best photo frame has become much easier. The new casings can display more than one photo in a slide show. In addition, improved quality mount board and mat board are being introduced in order to provide better casings for your photo.

A good photo frame supply includes several matting supplies, for example glazing’s, mount board and mats. Today, you can get these items in form of kits. There are two different types of kits that is the metal and wooden kits. These items are very essential when it comes to picture casing. The casings protect the photos thus lasting for a longer and you are able to have the good memories for a longer time while still intact.

Modern photo moldings come in various wooden materials. These moldings have an array of choices depending of texture and color. It is possible to find one with pitch-black frames with a smooth surface. The frames vary in thickness and depth. Some of the most common ones are the shadow boxes and they are mostly used in art galleries. It is also possible to find wooden cases, which have been highlighted with silver and golden works. At times, they are ornate with woodcarvings and the color gives a classic look. Such casings are best for large paintings and are able to attract attention very fast due to the attractive look.

Other than the wooden frames, metal frames are also very common. The casings come in an unassembled form though they contain all the required casings. They come in a wide range of colors such as amber, red, grey, blue or gold. These are available in the category of matt and glossy texture. They are very useful and can be used with double and eight ply matt boards. The metal casings are not assembled therefore this means that you have to fix in the different pieces and make sure that each piece settles on its rightful place.

When you visit the different supply stores you will find these types of picture frames, this will definitely make it easier for you while choosing the best photo frame. The casings that you will buy form the supply store come in with a guarantee on the quality provided. Therefore, you are able to use the casings to frame some of the most treasure paintings or pictures without fear of staining and any other form of irreversible damage. You could check with many online stores, this will also help you know what other products are on offer. By visiting the different websites, you are able to see some of the latest models available in the market. If you find one that impresses you, you can make an order immediately and have the casing with you within a short time.

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